What is STADNAP ?

"Standardization of DNA Profiling Techniques in the European Union"

(Contract No. SMT4 CT97-7506 of the Programme "Standards, Measurement & Testing")

Project Summary

DNA profiling has become a standard technique in criminal investigations, since results can be obtained from any source of biological material provided it contains nucleated cells with genomic DNA. Due to the rapid progress in the field during the last ten years, parallel developments of methods as well as typing systems have been made in the laboratories involved in forensic DNA profiling. This has resulted in heterogeneity of typing procedures as well as genetic systems used for forensic casework within the European Union. However, intercomparison of DNA typing results becomes not only desirable, but absolutely necessary within Europe as mobile serial offenders will not be detected by DNA profiling unless methods are standardized. Based on cooperative structures which have been already established independently among the network partners, the objectives of the STADNAP network are to
  1. define criteria for the selection of forensic typing systems based on the PCR technique suitable for European standardization,
  2. evaluate PCR systems for forensic stain typing,
  3. exchange and compare methods for the harmonization of typing protocols,
  4. carry out exercises for intercomparison of forensic typing results,
  5. recommend reference PCR typing systems for European standardization,
  6. exchange data for compilation of reference frequency databases for the European populations.

This will be achieved by the coordinated effort of 20 network partners as well as industrial consultants by organizing regular bi-annual meeetings as well as practical collaborative exercises. Technology transfer will be carried out and exchange of personnel will be encouraged within the framework of the EU fellowship programmes.